Thursday, August 20, 2009

I knew better than to talk to people

Last night was open house at Angel #4's elementary school. Getting into the spirit of the thing, I joined the PTO, then I made my mistake - I started talking to PTO members. Next thing you know, it looks like I volunteered to help. I kind of did it on purpose. I need to get out more and meet people, but I really hate leaving the house. I figured the PTO would be a great way to go, I can meet other people and I only have to go the 1/4 mile to the school to do it. If you've got to be a hermit that should leave the house, going only a quarter of a mile is the way to go. And, you never know, I just might meet some new friends. There's been a bit of a lack in my life with that since my coffee buddy moved back to Canada in June and my other friend moved to California last November. Life would be easier if my durn friends would just quit moving away!

I also want to rant over that stupid cash for clunkers program. They've been advertising it here (as I'm sure they are everywhere else) by positioning a dumpster in front of car dealerships and putting a "clunker" in it. Problem is, every clunker I've seen in the dumpsters is nicer looking than ANY of the vehicles we own. I find it horrific that they're taking perfectly good cars and destroying them supposedly for the environment's sake, just so they can use a bunch of resources to build new cars. How is that better for the environment? Except, from what I hear, most of the cars people are buying to replace their clunkers are foreign made. Maybe it's the governments super secret plot to destroy the environment of foreign countries by forcing them to make more cars for the US while keeping ours pristine. Yeah. Can anyone say Epic Fail?

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