Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Well, I had more important things to do than look at the calendar

I forgot to mention yesterday that when I was helping Angel #2 fill out the form for her drivers license, she pointed out that I put down the wrong date for her birthday. Oops

Today, she asked me if, when they're all grown and out of the house and if they all lived an equal distance from me, whose house would I visit the most. I told her I'd move across the country. Mother love is wonderful, eh? I couldn't help it, I had a rough morning today. Because of Angel #4's half hour long shower last night, we were all out of hot water this morning. (we've got solar water, so when we're out, we wait for the sun to come out). We DO have an electric water heater, but I hate use it if I don't have to. But, I went in to turn it on so I could shower - while I was in there, I discovered that #4 and her friend had been playing in the shower and I found 3 empty cans of shaving cream lying in the tub. To top things off, when I finally got into the shower, I discovered that someone had taken the 5 clean towels I had put in my bathroom yesterday and left this nasty brown and yellow one I keep around for desperate measure - I had to use the nasty towel this morning. Grrr I'm going to get color coded towels for each of the kids and they'll only be allowed to used their particular towels from now on. Desperate times bring desperate measures.

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