Tuesday, July 14, 2009

some stories are just too good to keep to yourself

You've heard me talk about our friend Mark before. He's Angel #4's best friends dad. The guy who had a heart attack and got hit by a car in the same week. If something weird's going to happen to someone, it'll happen to Mark. So, he was over here today and he said, did I ever tell you about my pet parakeet? Know Mark, I KNEW this was going to be a good story. He didn't disappoint. When he was a kid, he had this parakeet, named Petey. One day, he let Petey out of his cage so he could fly around the house a bit. Petey flew around Mark's bedroom for a while, then ventured out into the rest of the house. Petey flew into the kitchen where Mark's mom had the deep fryer going, making fried chicken. Petey flew over, perched on the edge of the deep fryer and toppled right in. Mark's mom started screaming and the oil was boiling like crazy. Poor Petey got deep fried and the family went out for dinner that night. I about wet myself I was laughing so hard. (oh, come on, it was funny!) I'm getting the giggles right now just thinking about it. As funny as the story is, I wasn't really surprised, these kind of things just happen to Mark.


Tanya T said...

Extra Crispy or Original recipe? LOL!

Stacey Joy Netzel said...

LMAO!! Yep, definitely too good not to share. Poor Petey. THAT needs to go in a book. *still chuckling*

Now I got to find the post about Mark having a heart attack and getting hit by a car in the same week. Poor Mark. (that's not so funny)

Alaine said...

yummy. I'm sure it tastes like chicken! Why didn't they just eat it??

Have you checked out the Awkward Family Photo's website yet?? You'd LOVE it.