Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hairy Situations

I have long hair, it goes down to my butt. I usually keep it up in a twisty bun sort of thing and frequently get asked (usually by check-out girls at Walmart) how I get my hair up like that. Problem is, I can't do anything besides comb it out when it's wet and I hate hair dryers, so I usually keep it hanging loose for an hour or two after I shower so it gets dry enough that I can do something with it. I hate my hair hanging down because it tends to get in my way - I don't know how many times it's gotten rolled up in the car window. But I had a new one yesterday, I was hanging up laundry and actually clipped my hair to the line with the clothespin. Angel #2 always keeps her hair hanging down and someone came over the other morning and commented that he was surprised to see me out of bed already and called by #2's name. I looked at him oddly then he said he'd never seen me with my hair down and had thought I was her. He was doing real well until I said that I get mistaken for being 15 years old all the time and he responded with a VERY sarcastic "yeah, right". I gave him stink eye.

Church was pretty empty this morning. Not only was hubby not there, but a different family didn't make it either. Turns out they were running late and got a speeding ticket. The cop wasn't impressed by the fact that they were hurrying to get to church on time. By the time it was all over, it was too late for them to make it and they ended up going to someone else's house for church instead. Moral of the story, Thou Shalt Not Speed

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Tanya T said...

No fair.....don't you have any gray hairs yet?!!!
At the rate i'm going i'm going to look like my dad soon!