Thursday, July 23, 2009

got talked into it

Okay, I did it. I got suckered into going to Target today. It wasn't too busy, relatively speaking. I'm sure it'll get much worse after the grand opening this weekend. I didn't buy much, just some milk (which was the best price in town) and a few other things that were on sale, including school supplies (that's coming up pretty darn quick). I won't do any real shopping there for a couple months when they start having things on clearance - I usually never buy things at retail if I can help it. And yes, Alaine, it does have a Starbucks in it, though why we need a third Starbucks in town is beyond me. It's also got a Pizza Hut, so now I know where to take the kids to use their Pizza Hut coupons they got from the library's summer reading program.

Another yes for Alaine. I visit Awkward Family Photos just about every day. I show the worst ones to my kids so they know that we aren't the weirdest family in the universe, despite what they think. I also go to Epic Wins and really get my nostalgia meter running.

Angel #2 and I got a hip-hop exercise video at the library this week. So far we haven't lost any weight or toned our muscles. We also haven't even broken a sweat, but that's probably because we looked at the cover and decided that the lady running the exercises looks mean, so we havn't taken it out of the package yet.

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