Saturday, July 18, 2009

we can't do anything like normal people

Last night, as a sort of experiment, I kept track of the tangents our family went on during our nightly family Bible study. We had (in no particular order) lobotomies, head lice, if Angel #4 should shave her head and what event WE could enter in the special olympics and not get trounced by a legitimate special olympian. These are just the ones I can remember.

Yesterday, Angel #2 and I were moving a stove and in an attempt to make sure the Angel didn't get hurt, I ended up dropping it on my toe. I can say, without fear of contradiction, that it hurt like the dickins. After I finished icing my toe, I went to town to catch up on some bookkeeping. While working with some customers deposits, I noticed one of the customers names was Richard Boner. I wonder if his nickname is Dick? I think his parents hated him, cause that's just rude. (yeah, it made me giggle, wouldn't you?)


Alaine said...

Oh that poor guy!!

I knew a guy (a general contractor -he was one of our customers) named Mister Bater. Yeah...I know!

Tanya T said...

Had a guy here in town named Dick wouldn't you think he would rather go by the name Rick? Oh the looks he must have gotten when asked for his name!