Saturday, July 11, 2009

it's not my fault, I've been busy

It all started Wednesday. We were having the ministers from our church overnight Wed, Thurs & Fri nights. They were arriving for lunch on Wednesday. I also invited our friend who works on the cruise ship for lunch since the ship was in our harbor. He asked if he could bring a friend of his who wanted to meet our ministers and I said sure, why not? The more the merrier. He ended up bringing 2 friends, which brought the headcount for lunch up to 11. Then, during lunch, angel #4's friend and her father showed up, so I had to deal with them. I also had to explain to all and sundry why there were 25 baby chickens living in our bathtub. I'd made homemade pizza for lunch and then whipped up a batch of bread so we could have fresh bread with the quickie supper of canned soup I had planned. The bread was rising in the pan when I brought the guys back to the cruise ship and I kind of forgot about it. By the time I was done running my errands, I had some huge honkin' bread dough waiting for me.

In the last few days, the following have happened: Angel #2 made a batch of fudge turned into a rock when she wasn't looking
WE was thrown in the pool fully clothed by one of the ministers (he couldn't have been asking for it more if he'd sent a request via certified mail)
the chickens have been moved to the entryway in the kitchen
I made 3 batches of cookies that disappeared before they even had a chance to cool off
Angel #4 and her friend slept in a tent in the yard and a wild pig came within 40 feet of the tent while they were out there. Jake the wonderdog scared it off. We're going to be setting pig traps before the rotten buggers have a change to get into my pineapples or something else important.
I got in touch with one of my best friends from high school via facebook. Turns out she fulfilled her dream of becoming a vet. How screwed up was my high school life that me, a member of the I hate animals club had a friend who's dedicated her life to helping the furry freaks?

It's been a busy week

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Anonymous said...

....So how do you trap a pig?
- Afton