Monday, July 13, 2009

I should've just stayed home

I was going to go to Walmart and the grocery store today. I had to take Debbie, the car. Last time Debbie was driven, she sprung a leak somewhere and overheated, so before I left, I made sure all her various orifices were filled with water and a jug of extra water in the trunk. Then I jump in and turn the key. *click* Dang, I hate that sound. So, Angel #1 and I got Debbie jumpstarted and let her run for awhile to make sure she was properly charged and wouldn't start spewing liquids indiscriminately. All was good, so I headed on my way. After a few side errands I get to Walmart and buy my stuff. I get in the car to head to the grocery store and, wouldn't you know it *click* Yep, dead again. Of course, I didn't have jumper cables. Unfortunately, the guy loading his truck next to me didn't either. But, unlike the people at the airport a couple weeks ago who came up with lame excuses as to why they couldn't help me, this guy went the extra mile. He actually took the battery out of his truck and put it in my car so I could start it up. Then took it back out once my car was going and put it back in his truck. I didn't even know you could do that! That incredibly sweet guy spent a good 15 minutes helping me get my car started. After thanking him profusly, I said I hope good karma comes back at him and he just said, it always does. I guess it does - about a year ago, I helped someone jumpstart their car in that exact same parking lot. What goes around comes around. Needless to say, I skipped my grocery shopping and headed home.

But, my story doesn't end there. As I was heading up the hill toward home, Debbie started overheating again. Steaming water started spurting out onto my right foot as it was pressing the gas pedal. I couldn't pull over and let the car cool down because I'm sure the battery would be dead again. So, I just punched it and cruised the last mile or two home as fast as I could, ooohing and ouching all the way as my foot was getting scalded. Debbie isn't a very nice car. I got home okay, but I still don't have groceries.

Also, last night, Angel #2 and her friend went to see Transformers - the movie. I had to drive them and started singing the Transformers cartoon theme song, which they thought was weird (me singing, not the song - though that's weird too). I just found it disturbing that I can't remember where I put my cell phone, but I can remember the Transformers theme song, especially since I never even watched Transformers.

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Tanya T said...

I feel for you, i had so many different "Debbies" over the years.I'm glad i finally have a decent reliable car. Now that our son is driving though,we bought him a junker of his own.So i think our Debbie years are starting all over again? lol.