Monday, July 27, 2009

Not another teen driver

Angel #2 passed her test for her driving learners permit. It was a written test and she only got one wrong out of the 24 questions - much better than Angel #1 who failed the 1st time and barely passed the 2nd time. BUT, the single question #2 got wrong was What does a green traffic light mean? It was multiple choice and she picked answer D which was "Both B&C" Answer C basically said "you have the right away and cyclists and pedistrians have to get out of your way". She claims it was a brain fart, but the whole ride home whenever we saw a pedistrian, we commented that they'd better get out of our way or we'd run 'em down.

Angel #1 got his Senior pictures taken today. When I was in high school, senior pictures were a big deal, it doesn't seem that way here. They're done right at the school, the kids just line up and get their pics done. The photographer provides the clothes they wear and the kids I saw didn't even have a comb with them. I can remember primping for hours before getting mine taken as well as making a special trip to the mall for a new senior picture outfit to wear. Actually, I'm glad we don't have to go through all that stuff - it's a lot less stressful and cheaper this way, it's just sort of an anticlimatic beginning to senior year though, imo

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Tanya T said...

Ohhh don't remind me. I need to get Drew's senior pics done soon. I'm lucky that my sister in law is going to do them for me for only the cost of having them developed/printed.
Professional studio portraits have gotten outrageous here, think along the lines of $800 and up.I'm in the wrong line of work!