Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Well, it's warming up outside, if you consider 15 degrees warm - which I do since it was -5 yesterday.  I am SO over winter right now people.  It sucks to think we're only halfway done with it.  Hubs gets home from Hawaii tomorrow.  After 17 days of the tropics, I've got the feeling I'm going to be hearing a lot of whining about the weather tomorrow.  The eggs keep freezing in the chicken coop before I get around to gathering them.  When an egg that's been frozen thaws, the yolk turns thick and gummy and not very appetizing, so when I've got frozen eggs, I've just been boiling them, chopping them up while still in the shells and feeding them back to the chickens. Not only do the ladies love them, but they're great diversion tactics.  When they hear me come into the barn, the all gather against the door of the coop so tightly I can barely get the door open - it's like 13 year old girls at a One Direction concert.  So what I've been doing is throwing a handful of chicken snacks, like moldy bread, leftover veggies or hard boiled eggs, into the coop so they all run after them and I can get the door open and feed them their corn.   I didn't realize chicken farming involved such cunning and dexterity.

Because of the cold, I keep making soup.  Last night, it was ham and potato and the night before, bean. I thought about making a big pot of taco soup today, but thought that might be a bit of soup overkill, besides, the kids had chili for school lunch today, so they're probably getting souped out as well.  That's one nice thing about working at the school lunch room, now I'm never going to serve the kids the same thing for supper that they had for lunch, which I did quite frequently in the past. Though I never remember to see what's on the menu for tomorrow, so I still find myself making something for supper that they end up having for lunch the next day.  Oh well, it's only food.


Stacey Joy Netzel said...

I've fed the kids what they had for schl lunch more than a few times. :)

Taco Soup--one of my favorites!

I'm with you on the being over winter. But I'm still liking the kids being in school.

mommustwrite said...

Someplace warm sounds really nice right now. I'm a soup lover, but the guys aren't as crazy about it, so we don't have it as often as I like. Glad you're able to outsmart those chickens. :-)