Saturday, January 12, 2013

Happy birthday hubs!

Today is hub's birthday, but I haven't had a chance to wish him a happy one.  He's in Hawaii right now and is spending 5 days with a group of friends in a cabin off the grid in Waipio Valley, the only time he can get his cellphone to work is if her lets it sit directly on the cell phone booster.  Personally, I'm surprised he gets any reception at all, the cliffs on either side  of the valley are about 2000 feet high, the only access into the valley is either by horse or donkey or a 4 wheel drive vehicle - then of course,there's the night marcher issue.  Night marchers are the ghosts of Hawaiian warriors that are said to go marching through the valley during the night.  In fact, when I told Angel #1 hubs was staying in Waipio Valley, the first thing he said is:  the night marchers are gonna get him.  Hubs friend Marks reaction when hubs invited him was: why are going down there?  There are night marchers.  So yeah, the night marchers are a big deal in Hawaii.  I just hope they let hubs survive to see his 51st birthday.

Hubs also had one of those weird, it's a small world moments since getting to Hawaii.  Hubs, being an extremely friendly guy, got to know the man sitting next to him on the plane on his San Francisco/Kona  flight into Hawaii - the man lived near where we used to live just off the beach and invited hubs to come hang out at his place the night after they arrived.  That day,hub's buddy, John, asked if it was okay if he asked a friend to come with them to the Valley, he thought this guy and hubs would hit it off.  Hubs said sure and arranged to meet John later at the beach to watch the sunset (a small side note,  watching the sunset at the beach is a huge spectator sport, everyone sits on the beach, watches the sunset, then applauds in appreciation when it's over).  So, hubs is at his airplane buddy's house when John calls him to see when he's getting to the beach, hubs is chatting with him when airplane buddy asks, is that John R-? and hubs says, yeah, you know him?  Oh yeah, he's a friend of mine, he invited me to Waipio Valley this weekend.  Hubs told John to get his butt over to airplane buddy's house and apparently, a good time was had by all.

Today, Angel #4 talked me into taking her and a friend to the mall.  I prefer to be eaten alive by fireants, but since we don't have fireants in Wisconsin, it was off to the mall we went.  I called my sister and I dumped the 2 girls off at the mall while my sister and I spent the day together.  We did some shopping too, but went to the satellite stores instead of inside the mall itself, which is slightly less horrific.  While sis had a list of things to get, my only objective for the day was to get a new can opener, my old one had become possessed by a demon and really needed to be replaced before I sliced open an artery or something.

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mommustwrite said...

So what kind of can opener did you get? Do you use a manual or electric opener? I gave up on the electric ones and found a manual one I LOVE. Hope you had a successful shopping trip.