Wednesday, January 9, 2013

It pays to be out of the social media loop

I was looking through my spam messages before deleting them tonight and I had to chuckle.  The spammers seem to try to get people to click on their links by luring them in using their social media accounts.  I got emails saying I had important messages from LinkedIn and Twitter, my Facebook account was being suspended due to suspicious activity, my YouTube video hit number among other things.  I've never Twitted, I'm not sure what LinkedIn actually is, I deactivated my Facebook account ages ago and the only YouTube video I've ever uploaded was a video of some furnace ductwork that hubs had filmed and he was out of town and needed to see it so he could put in some registers - hardly the type of thing that makes the YouTube most watched list, there wasn't a honeybadger in sight.  I guess the spammers don't really know how to market to a media hermit.

I had to work at the high school today and was driven totally nuts by a robot baby the entire time I was there.  The 8th graders were touring the school to get them used to the place for next school year.  When they give the kids tours, they avoid the boring classes like English and tend to route the kids through the cool places like the metals shop and the chemistry lab (apparently, the hot teacher is inspiration to sign up for the class).  One of the things they feature is the family living unit where the kids have to carry a robot baby around for a week and they were showing the kids the baby.  You know, those mechanical babies that get hungry, cry and all that kind of stuff in order to teach kids how miserable it is to be a parent and then they won't ever have sex - at least, I think that's what it's trying to accomplish.  Back when I was in school, we didn't have robot babies and had to carry a raw egg around, they never cried, but they did make a big mess if you were a bad parent.  Anyway, that stupid robot baby cried non-stop the entire time I was there, and since the robot baby room is right across from the computer lab, I got to hear that sucker full-on.  Heck, if one of my kids cried that much when they were a baby, I never would have had another one, so maybe the robot baby makers know what they're doing.  I was glad to finally leave the noisy computer lab and go back to the serene quiet of an elementary school lunchroom.

I also was interviewed for the 3rd grade newspaper as a new employee of the school.  The two hard-hitting intrepid reporters asked all those important questions like what my favorite color was and if I had any pets.  At least they asked me questions I could answer honestly, which puts me way ahead of any politicians out there.

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