Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Chemistry Final

The end of the school semester is coming up soon and it's time for finals.  WE said yesterday while they were sitting in class, there was a pounding on the classroom door, one of the students opened it up and the basketball coach walked in the room along with another teacher, a big guy.  The coach was dressed in sunglasses, a trench coat and carrying a briefcase while the big teacher stood in front of the classroom door, arms crossed and an intimidating look on his face.  The kids had no idea what the heck was going on.  The coach walked to the front of the classroom, opened the briefcase and took out bottles of unidentified substances - he told the kids that they were finding these mysterious substances all over town and their job was to identify the substances using the skills they learned in chemistry class.  I've got to give WE's chemistry teacher a two thumbs up for originality in announcing the finals requirement (according to Angel #2, he's also super good-looking, I've really got to be more diligent about going to parent/teacher conferences!).

I also got some other interesting news from WE, which tells me I'm going to have to get out and socialize around town a little more.  He told me that when his friends are going someplace where they're not supposed to be, they just tell their parents that they're at his house.  They figure they'll be safe in that excuse because nobody knows us, therefore,they won't call us to confirm the kid's story.  Hubs and I are some of the few people in town that didn't grow up here and are part of the small town network, otherwise, just about everybody knows everyone else in the area.  I suppose I'll have to get out and about at local events and start trading phone numbers with parents - but that sounds like an awful lot of effort and I'm not sure if I want to relinquish my status as a hermit, I kind of prefer being anonymous.  Though, I'm not as anonymous as I thought I was.  The other day, I had to work at the high school in the computer lab.  It was between classes, and I only walked halfway down one hall and a couple steps into the library.  I then went into the computer lab, which is in a separate room and sat in the far corner for about 2 hours, then left.  I saw three kids I recognized during that time, two only by face, the third was one of WE's best buddies, who said hi to me.  That afternoon, WE said about 15 kids told him they saw his mom at school that day.  Yeah life in a small town.

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Angel #2 said...

The chemistry teacher is super hot. I volunteer to take over any parent-teacher conferences.