Monday, January 7, 2013

Back to life as we know it

Angel #1 headed off back to California on Friday morning.  He was getting bored around here and, though he was happy to see us, was just as happy to get back to  his own life.  Because he never lived in this area and hasn't even lived in Wisconsin full time since 2005, he doesn't have a lot of friends around to here hang out with, though he did see the ones he does have.  Thursday, one of his friends even talked him into going ice skating with her.  I guess he did pretty good.  Anyway, he's back with his friends and back to work now and I'm sure he's happy to be in the swing of things again.

I dropped hubs off at the airport and he's on his way to Hawaii again.  He was rather surprised to discover that he's not as eager to spend 2 1/2 weeks down there as he thought he would be, apparently, he's been enjoying our Wisconsin winter and would have preferred to stay home.  Oh well, he's got work to do down there and friends to hang out with, so I'm sure he'll forget all about missing the snow and cold when he's sitting on the beach soaking up the sun.

Work has been going good, though I still don't have a computer in my office yet.  It's really got things at a standstill, as it doesn't pay to train me to do stuff the old fashioned, slow way when I'll soon be doing most of my paperwork online.

WE just got home. He belongs to a group as school called The MAD Adventure Club - the MAD stands for Make A Difference.  The first Monday of every month the kids go help out at a homeless shelter.  Last month was their first time and he said they were all a bit disorganized.  This month, they had schedules and job lists made up for the kids and he said the time just flew by and they had a really nice time.  

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mommustwrite said...

Things sound a little too calm around your house, but I'm sure that won't last long. Glad things are going well.