Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Interesting start to the new year

Things are already shaking down for the new year around here.  Angel #4, hubs and I all stayed home, hubs and I were in bed before midnight like the party people we are.  #4 stayed up to see the new year in, then went to bed.  Angel #1 went to a party at a friend's over an hours drive away, so he spent the night there and came home this morning.  WE was called over to a party at a friend's house about a mile down the road, his girlfriend picked him up and dropped him back off at some unmentionable time in the morning.  Then, around noon, things got all jiggity.  WE and hubs left this morning to do some work, they came home for lunch and WE mentioned that someone had been trying to call him but he'd either been in the basement without bars on his cell, or he was too busy to answer, so he didn't know who'd been calling him.  He then mentioned that his girlfriend hadn't texted him all day, which was really weird.  I told him to call the number to see what was up, shortly afterwards,he came in all worried.  The caller had been his girlfriend's mother, she said she couldn't find her daughter and was wondering if WE knew where she was.  Things were a little hazy about if she actually had even made it home last night, which would mean that WE was the last person to see her.  WE said she usually sends him a text when she gets home, but she hadn't done that last night and he was worried sick about her, it's less than 3 miles between our house and hers, with nothing in between us besides 4 or 5 houses, woods and a whole lot of fields so there's no place she could have gone in the ditch or stopped anywhere between the two places.  After about 45 minutes of worry, WE ended up going to GF's house, no one was home, but her car was in the driveway so he went in, looked around the house a bit and found her sleeping in a room other than her bedroom.  Apparently her mother didn't think to look through the entire house before deciding her daughter wasn't there.  Whatever happened, we're all just relieved that she's okay.

Okay, next adventure. Turns out one of Angel #2's first acts of the new year was to head out to Urgent Care.  Unlike most people who need medical care on New Years Eve/Day, #2 wasn't at a party and let things get out of hand, she had to be into work by 10 last night.  She and the other two people who were stuck on the night shift had a little New Year's Eve party, bringing snacks for a baby potluck and an impromptu conga line through the surgery - ah...the wild life at a veterinary hospital.  Well, around 6 this morning, #2 was cuddling a cat who's days are numbered.  The cat freaked out, which was out of character for it, but can be excused since it's dying and all, and the cat chomped her right on the thumb.  Apparently, cats mouths are just teeming with bacteria and a cat bite can be majorly bad.  It wasn't long after the bite that #2 felt dizzy and light-headed.  The others on her shift thought it best if she got it treated, so, at 8 this morning, she found herself waiting for Urgent Care to open and is now on a series of antibiotics and anti inflammatory drugs. As far as she knows, the cat was unaffected by the bite, but is still in hospital in the process of dying.

So, yeah, Happy New Year, everybody!

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