Thursday, January 17, 2013

still stinky

Thanks for the suggestions for cleaning up after skunkapalooza everyone. The house still stinks, but I'm working on it.  Angel #4 wants me to open the windows to air the whole place out, but since it's been about 20 degrees outside, I don't think that's going to happen.  Diesel still stunk after his tomato bath, so I tried your suggestion, Stacey, and did the baking soda/Dawn/peroxide mixture, which helped somewhat, but he still smells.  The house itself still smells, too.  Yesterday, I bought some Febreeze and some scented fabric softener sheets.  I sprayed the Febreeze around, which helped a little bit, our dryer exhaust is vented into the house, so I did a lot of laundry and ran the dryer all day, the scent from the sheets helped some, I also sprayed some odor be gone stuff on the sock that's over the exhaust, so that would blow around the house too, I also sprayed that on our furnace filter.  Even after all that, things still stunk, so today I wiped down the walls, cabinet doors, floors and any other flat surfaces in our kitchen and entryway with bleach water.  Bleach stinks too, and my kitchen smells like a public pool and we'll all probably get some kind of cancer from breathing in bleach fumes, but at least it doesn't smell as skunky.  I've still got to scrub the bathroom down good, it still smells pretty bad, but I'm kind of waiting to see if we're going to end up having to give Diesel another bath, first. I don't want to clean it all up only to have a doofus dog shake water and hair all over it again.

In other, non skunk related news, I finally got a computer at work.  It's an old, slow one, but at least it's something.  They're going to order me a new Mac and hopefully I'll have that in a couple weeks, then I'll really be ready to rumble.  My next objective is to find a computer program to help do the kitchen paperwork that's all being done by hand at the moment.  The lady I'm going to eventually replace has been working there 23 years and has everything in her head, but when she leaves in 2 years, she'll take her head with her and we'll really be stuck if we don't have things automated.  As I was helping serve little kids the other day, I ran out of cookies and pulled up a big, 5 gallon pail full of new ones. A little boy saw the bucket, that's a LOT of cookies, he said, his eyes getting huge. Then I told him that after we're done feeding them, all us lunch ladies hide out in the back room and eat cookies all day. His parents are going to wonder why the heck little Johnny all of a sudden wants to be a lunch lady when he grows up.

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