Sunday, July 22, 2012

Together again

Saturday afternoon, our whole family was finally all together again.  We spent the morning rummage saling with the girls, then picked the boys up at a friends house.  Once we were all in the van together, we went on what has to be in the all time top ten of weird family outings.  Angel #2 said there was a car show she wanted to go to, it was on our way home.  Her friend had a car in it, her friend Hearse Boy.  So, we all stopped by at the Wisconsin Hearse Owner's Organization get-together.  Different kind of people drive hearses....just sayin'.  You need the right kind of sense of humor to drive around in an old renovated hearse.  We saw Twilight themed hearses, one with a skeleton in the drivers seat, a bumper sticker that said "Last Responder" and one family orientated one that had the little stickers representing the family members stuck on their back window like a soccer mom's mini-van, only the family members were zombies.  We wandered around looking at the hearses for awhile, chatted with Hearse Boy and met some of his friends.  All in all, an interesting time, definitely not  your normal family afternoon activity, but as you know, my family is anything but normal.

The boys had fun at the concert the went to on Friday night.  Angel #1 even got an onstage shout-out, thanking him for his service in Afghanistan and the band sang a patriotic song dedicated to him.  How cool is that?

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