Tuesday, July 3, 2012

boy, it's hot

It's been pretty warm around here lately.  Nothing like the over 100 degree days I've been reading about in other parts of the country, but the upper 80's is hot enough for me.  We had a nice rain this morning which brought in a cooler breeze for a little while, so I went out into the garden while it was still relatively nice outside.  But it didn't take long for the hot and humid to come back full force.

This last weekend was rodeo weekend back in the town where hubs grew up.  He, Angel #2, Angel #4 and her friend went to the Friday night, spent the night at my brother's house, did the parade the next morning and then the Sat afternoon show.  Hubs and the 2 younger girls volunteered to work (you get in free that way) on Saturday afternoon/evening, so spent a hot sweaty 4 hours in the kitchen serving burgers.  Angel #4's friend had never been to a rodeo before - she comes from a classic rock concert family, but she got in the swing of things pretty well.  Hubs wanted to give her the full redneck experience, so they went to visit his friend Jim as well.  She got an education.  ;)

Angel #2 had a great time at the rodeo as well - she usually does, she really really loves horses.  She had her own vehicle, so she stayed late Friday and Saturday nights to enjoy the dancing after the final performance.  She even danced with a steer wrestler.  She's also decided that she's going to run for rodeo queen next year.  Since she's got some riding experience, she also wanted to ride the mechanical bull.  She got the hang of it rather quickly.  The guy running the bull usually takes it easy on people, so her first ride ended up lasting about 30 seconds before she fell off.  By her 3rd or 4th time though, she told him to stop making things easy on her and he ratcheted it up a bit.  It got where she was a mechanical bull regular and he even threw in a ride or two for free because she was enjoying it so much and was doing so well.  In the end, she rode the bull 7 times - and she sure was feeling it the next day.  So, in addition to becoming rodeo queen, she also want to become a bull rider.  To think this was the kid who spent most of her childhood up in her room reading books - I guess you can say she's come out of her shell.

I heard from Angel #1 last night (thanks for your thoughts, Jeanie, they're greatly appreciated).  He was pretty excited - he just bought a car.  Not like his $400 junker he bought in high school, but a real live, $10,000 vehicle with all kinds of nice bells and whistles.  He said it was exactly what he was looking for.  Now I hope he gets rid of his motorcycle - those things make me nervous.  He's also looking forward to being here on leave in a week and a half.  There's already a welcome home party at his friend Sarah's house in the works, a water skiing trip planned by WE and hubs wants him to help re-side the house.  I guess we'll keep him busy. 

Yesterday, Angel #4 and I went to Bay Beach.  It's a local amusement park right on Green Bay - I hadn't been there in awhile and there were a few changes.  It's now got a roller coaster.  It's not particularly big or scary, but it's got a great history.  It used to be Elvis' roller coaster, so it's the Coaster of Kings, people.  Imagine - for a single dollar, you can sit in the seat that Elvis (and  his peanut butter & banana sandwich) sat.  Since I've already sat on Lisa Marie's lawn mower, I've had a lot of experience sitting on all things Presley - I'm practically a celebrity myself.  We only spent about 3 hours there, it was just too stinking hot.  Funnily enough, I was taking to Mike while waiting for our lunch number to be called (we went to the park with Mike and his kids) and a guy was standing nearby.  I was saying something about my sisters and mentioned them by their first names.  Later, the guy came up to me and introduced himself.  Turns out, he's my 2nd cousin, I hadn't seen him in years - he'd overheard me talking about my sisters, recognized their names and in turn, recognized me.  We chatted a bit, then headed off our separate ways to eat lunch.  My family is so big it seems I can't go anywhere without running into someone I'm related to.  It's kind of fun.

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