Thursday, July 12, 2012

fun in the sun

Yesterday I went to a picnic get-together with the local romance writers group.  I haven't been to a meeting in a long time and no longer belong to the group, but was invited to the picnic because everyone wanted to see me again.  It's nice to be wanted.  :)  It was great seeing people I hadn't seen in a couple years and I met a few new folks as well.  I had mentioned to someone I just met that I had 70 baby chickens in my bathtub and she commented that that was rather unusual and my friend Stacey said, not for her.  Heck, 70 chickens in her bathtub is practically normal for her house.  Stacey's known me for a loooong time.

Afton, booyah is kind of like stew.  It's really popular in this part of the state.  It contains chicken, pork, beef or all three, plus a bunch of veggies.  It's made in a HUGE pot big enough to feed hundreds of people and usually takes a day or two to get it all cooked up.  Our neighbor sets his pot up on a burner outside the back of his garage, they scoop the booyah out with saucepans used as dippers and put it into big Nesco cookers so we can help ourselves.  It's pretty tasty stuff, though eating hot booyah in 90 degree weather is less than ideal, but it's so darn good you're willing to overlook the unseasonableness of booyah in July.  A lot of churches have booyah dinners for their congregations and every fall the old Catholic church down the road has a big fall festival serving booyah, brats and ice cream while a polka  band oompas in the background - all the things that make Wisconsin great.  (Another thing that makes Wisconsin great - at parades, some floats, instead of throwing candy out to the crowds, throw out packages of string cheese.  I love the Dairy State!)


Tanya T said...

I heard they shot bags of cheese curds out of air guns during the Rodeo parade this year.....I'm bummed I missed it. Unfortunately I had to work.

Afton said...

Thank you for enlightening me! You make Winsconsin sound like so much fun. :D