Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I'm a local celebrity

I was asked to judge the library summer reading program's talent show today.  There were about 8 acts performed by kids between 7-12.  At first, in preparation I thought I'd practice my Sharon Osborne impression for my judging stint, but I've got an awful accent and figured I'd be better off shaving my head and going as Howie.  In the end, I just came as myself and that worked just fine.  I figured I was asked to judge because I'm the local author - or maybe the head librarian knows I don't really have much of a life, either/or I guess.  I'm not sure what my fellow judge's qualifications were, if she was also a local celebrity like the manager of the convenience store or something, or maybe she just doesn't have a life as well.  Whatever it was, the judging was fun and I was surprised at how brave those kids were.  A couple went up and sang acapella and two girls danced as well as sang.

Our garden is starting to produce finally.  I froze some beans today, we've had fresh zuchinni and peas and my kohlrabi is just about ready.  I love this time of year when the veggies first ripen and I'm not sick to death of them yet like I will be in a week or so.  Hubs also brought home some sweet corn for supper last night.  The corn isn't ready up here yet, but people make trips down to Illinois or Missouri and bring up big loads of corn to sell up here to all of us who just can't wait another week or two for our own corn to ripen.  Corn on the cob is something else we'll all be sick of in a month, but it sure tastes good now.

Despite all the netting we put up over our chicken coop and the extra fencing, we lost another full grown chicken the other night.  I found her headless corpse lying outside the pen yesterday.  I've now only got 3 laying hens left.  I've also got the wonky-leg chicken and the lone healthy survivor of the batch I hatched out in March, the healthy one should start laying early this fall.  The 51 chicks headed for the freezer are living in a stock tank in the barn.  Since they're only a little over a week old, I've still got to deal with them for another 2-2 1/2 months before they're ready for butchering.  Then there's the remaining 21 chicks, they're the same age as the 51 meat chicks, but don't grow as fast.  They're still living in the bathtub.  I never thought I'd see the day when I'd be happy to only have 21 chickens in my bathtub.  I've learned to lower my expectations over the years.


Afton said...

"Wonky-Leg Chicken" would be an AWESOME name for a rock band.

Angel #2 said...

Hahaha definitely have to agree there!