Sunday, July 8, 2012

Getting to know the neighbors

So, Friday night was the big party next door.  The fireworks were as great as I expected.  Hubs and I sprawled out on the pontoon boat with some other people and our host and watched the fireworks explode overhead.  While the fireworks were going off, Ken, our neighbor/host, made a call on his cell.  I don't know what he was calling about, but I caught a bit of the end of the conversation and had to laugh.  Ken ended the convo by saying:  "Well, I gotta go, I've got company."  There were about 200 people sitting there watching $10K fireworks going on and "he's got company".  Talk about being the master of the understatement.

Hubs, who's a major extrovert, was having a blast getting out and meeting new people.  The next morning, WE was telling me a story from the night before.  He and his friend, Bobbi, were sitting on the grass by the lake when Bobbi said, "My grandma just went by on the Gator, she was sitting on some guy's lap."  And WE said, "That was my dad."  I tell ya, I've got to keep an eye on that guy wherever we go.  :p

I got peopled out around 11 o'clock, but hubs stayed on for another hour or so.  He came home with about 2 gallons of leftover booyah.  I packaged it up and we'll be enjoying Independence Day booyah this fall when hot soup will really be appreciated.  Talk about appreciated, we ate our first fresh spinach and zuchinni from the garden yesterday, so the craziness of summer food preparation is about to begin.

We had some beautiful weather.  Things started cooling off on Friday night, so it was comfortable sitting around at the party, then, by Saturday, we could turn off the a/c and today, we're enjoying having the windows open again.  I hate running air conditioning if I don't have too.  It's bad enough having to be at the mercy of the furnace from September to May, I sure hate to have to keep the house closed up the remaining months as well.

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Afton said...

At the risk of sounding uneducated, what is "booyah"? I read it the first time and thought you were just picking a goofy word, but you've used it several times this some sort of mysterious Wisconsin-y food item? Perhaps involving a pig head? ;)