Saturday, July 21, 2012

Eventually we'll all be together

I picked Angel #2 up from work yesterday, so technically, my whole family should have been together last night, but on the way to picking up #2, I dropped #1 and WE off at a friends house for the night.  So, we still haven't had a time for all 6 of us to be in the same room together.  The boys should be coming home this afternoon, so maybe then.

Thursday, me and 3 of my kids and Angel #4's friend met my sister and her 3 kids at Bay  Beach Amusement park for an afternoon of fun in the sun.  Except the sun forgot to show up, so it was a day in the rain.  It didn't rain so hard that we ran for cover or anything, more like a constant drizzle.  They shut a few of the rides down, but opened them up later in the afternoon, so we didn't miss anything at all.  Because of the weather, there weren't quite as many people there as usual, so the lines for the rides weren't bad either.  At one point, the only ones on the bumper cars were the 9 of us family members and one lone little boy.  It was really fun having the whole bumper car area to ourselves - we called it family feud.

We've also got two additions to our bathroom menagerie.  Angel #4 found a fallen swallow nest in the yard yesterday.  So now she and Angel #2 are attempting to raise the 2 homeless baby birds.  Experience tells me how this is going to end up, but for the moment, our 21 baby bathtub chicks have been joined by 2 baby swallows.

Afton, if you ever start a rock band, you have my permission to use Wonky-Leg Chicken for its name.

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