Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Joy and sorrow interwoven

It's been a weekend of ups and downs.  It was great getting Angel #1 home on Friday.  My little boy is getting so big, it's hard to believe he was my little baby once.  For the first time since November, all 4 of my kids were sitting together around the supper table Friday night.  It wasn't that long ago that that was a nightly thing, now it's a novelty.  Hubs didn't get home from Hawaii until Sunday night, and by then, Angel #2 had left to go back to work, so the whole family won't be together until this weekend.

Saturday there was a big welcome home party for him at a friend's house.  We all had a really fun time and the boys and Angel #4 ended up staying the night there, so I didn't have my kids together for long before they all flew the coop again.

Saturday afternoon we got the news that our friend Sunny's boyfriend was killed in a motorcycle accident Friday night.  Sunny was the very first friend we made when we moved to Hawaii and we got together frequently when we lived down there - hubs usually stops by her place at least once when he goes down to Hawaii now.  Sunny is kind of a lost, lonely soul and Toby had been really good for her, giving her the love she so desperately was searching for.  Toby was a nice guy and he'll be missed.

Then, even more tragically, Sunday afternoon, one of Angel #4's classmates was killed in a hunting accident.  He and another boy were out shooting birds and he was accidentally shot.  The Angel was pretty broken up about it, this boy had been her boyfriend all through 6th grade.  We  used to joke that they lasted longer than most celebrity marriages.  Though they weren't as friendly during this last year of school.  There are only about 50 kids in their entire class, most of them had been together since kindergarten, so there's going to be a big empty hole from now on.  Thirteen year old kids shouldn't die, it's just heartbreaking.

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Afton said...

I'm very glad that your oldest is back home with you.

And I am so very sorry to hear of the loss of Toby and your daughter's classmate. My thoughts and prayers are with you.