Wednesday, February 1, 2012

apparently, pregnancy was more fun when our moms did it

So, I'm reading this book written back in 1960 about a pregnant woman (The L-Shaped Room, in case you were wondering) and as I'm reading, I'm going all, what the heck? This girl is doing all kinds of stuff I wasn't allowed to do when I was pregnant. She got totally drunk at a night club, when to a bring your own bottle Christmas party, she lights up cigarettes (at work!!) while other people are puffing away around her and her doctor gives her pills when she doesn't feel good and tells her to eat lots of food and get plenty of bed rest. Totally the opposite of what I was allowed to do when I was waiting on a baby. I haven't reached the end yet, but I feel pretty safe guessing that even though she's doing all the stuff we were told would result in a 3 armed alien baby, her kid's going to come out perfectly normal (after a labor where they give her more drugs...and possibly a shot of brandy - and let her sleep through the whole thing) I think pregnancy was a whole lot easier when my mom did it. If that chick were in a book written now, CPS would probably put her in bad mom jail or something.

I had one of those days today that are all screwed up. I was going to do my time on the treadmill, but I was going to wait for hubs to do his first. So, I sat around in my pajamas waiting for him to do his run (it's too cold in the house to put my shorts and t-shirt on until right before I exercise), but he kept doing other things. So it's like, 10am, and I'm still sitting there in my jammies and the gas guy comes to fill up our tank. I had to run upstairs and put some clothes on because I didn't want the delivery guy to see me in my Tinkerbell jams. I get him paid and finally hubs starts his run. I finally get my chance to go on, but he's working at his desk so I can't play music or watch videos or anything because the machine is right next to his desk, so I got bored and got off after 30 minutes instead of my usual 50. Then I finally got my shower taken and real clothes put on and it was already stinking lunch time and I felt like such a slug. I think exercise makes me look lazy.

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