Wednesday, February 29, 2012

it's raining and crappy outside, I'm in no condition to think of a title

Well, Adeline is still holding the PoC dvd hostage. I did a complete clean of the living room yesterday, the last place the dvd was seen, and I didn't come across it, though I vacuumed up enough dog hair to make another dog or two. Short of taking every book out of the book case, I think the living room can be declared PoC clean. Our house isn't that big and it barely has any closets or storage space in general, so it's pretty hard to believe it got stuck in a random drawer or something, not to mention I checked all the drawers, random and otherwise. I've got one more library renewal left after Monday, so I've still got a week and a half for it to turn up....though my Mouli is still MIA, so I'm not real hopeful.

Tanya & Jeanie, you need to check out Retro Renovation, the link is on my sidebar. It's all about restoring (or keeping) mid-century homes in all their glory. They encourage pink tile bathrooms and boom-a-rang print laminate counter-tops. That site is my internet crack, I love it. I don't know about Adeline not liking the house's new color scheme, if the previous paint jobs are any indication, she was a color lover as well. Our laundry room, unheated entryway porch thingy and our stairwell were painted pepto bismol pink. I'm not a real fan. The laundry room is now a sage green color. I've got the stairwell painted a cool looking lime green as far as I could get it without scaffolding, so it's only about 1/4 of the way painted. The porch is still pink, but I'm hoping that maybe this summer we can insulate and drywall it, making it a heated porch so we can put snow boots, coats etc, out there next winter. When I was prepping my kitchen walls for painting (they were a poopy brown color) I pulled off some old wallpaper behind a shelving unit and discovered that at one time, the kitchen walls were a dark turquoise color about 4 layers of wallpaper ago. So, it's just going back to the beginning. I've got the cabinets about 2/3 painted with the melon, the rest are still the bright yellow they were when we bought the place. So, if it wasn't Adeline, someone in my houses past was as big a color freak as I am. Now, if we can only get the fake blue marble wallboard off the bathroom walls, all will be right in my world.

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