Friday, February 10, 2012

first too hot, then too cold

My kitchen is in extremes this week. Yesterday, while making my lunch, I burned my fingers. I admit, it was sort of my fault, I probably shouldn't use my fingers to flip a grilled cheese sandwich over in the frying pan. But, it saved washing a spatula, so I was pretty much saving the planet. I think that balances out all the water I waste washing my garbage. Remember back in the old days when you emptied out a can of beans then just tossed the can in the garbage? Now you've got to wash the can, pick off the label, then crush it before putting it into its own special little bin. I spent more time taking care of my garbage than I do making food sometimes. Then, of course, there's the irony factor if you use paper plates. Yep, you throw away your dishes and wash the garbage. I think our ancestors are laughing their butts off at us.

Then tonight, I pulled a plate out of the cupboard and noticed how cold it was. It was a snowy, blizzardy kind of day today and the wind really made the house feel chilly. I decided to do a little experiment. I put a thermometer on the countertop right under the plate cupboard and it read 63 degrees. It's against the north wall of the house and getting pretty good blasts of wind, so that part of the room is a bit cold anyway. So after getting a counter top reading, I put the thermometer on top of the plate pile in the cabinet and shut the door. It was 42 degrees in there. Brrrr to the nth power! If it gets much colder in there, I can just unplug the refrigerator and put my leftovers in the kitchen cabinet. WE found the silver lining though. We also keep our glasses in that cabinet and he says that when he pours a drink into one of them, they keep it nice and cold much longer. Problem is, the plates do the same thing to our meals. Is it spring time yet?

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