Monday, February 27, 2012

Enough already, knock it off, Adeline

Adeline the ghost has struck again. Saturday morning, Angel #4 & I went to the library. As I was collecting library material to take back, I saw the Pirates of the Carribean pt 2 dvd sitting on a bookshelf. #4 had checked it out a few days earlier and I debated whether or not to bring it back to the library and decided against it since she hadn't watched it yet. While at the library, she picked up the other 3 PoC movies and when we got home Saturday afternoon, we were going to have a PoC film festival. BUT, movie #2 was NOT on the bookshelf where I last saw it. Hubs & WE were home all day, but neither of them saw it, we've searched the house from top to bottom (there were a LOT of dog toys stuck under the couch) and we can't find it. I even double checked at the library to see if I returned it by accident, nope. So, once again, I'm blaming our stuff-stealing ghost, who also hasn't produced my missing Mouli yet either. I hope the movie reappears before we have to pay for the stupid thing. It's bad enough if I have to pay for lost library materials, but it's insult to injury that it's the worst of the Pirate movies, so if it does show up, we're the proud owners of the Captain Crap Sparrow of PoC movies.

In addition to mysteriously missing DVD's, I also had something else weird happen today. I did my time on the treadmill, went upstairs and took my shower and whatever else I did. When I went to put the treadmill away, I noticed that a big chunk of paint was scraped off the window trim. I spent 45 minutes on the treadmill looking out that window and the trim was not like that when I was treading (?) and I saw no evidence that something had fallen against the wall or anything else that would have made 3 layers of paint come off a window. Once again, I'm blaming Adeline.

Many people have "To Do" lists they leave lying around the house. I was looking for something on hubs desk this morning and found a piece of paper titled "To Don't List". There was nothing on the list, which brings me to believe that there's nothing my husband won't do.

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Tanya T said...

I guess Adeline doesn't like your paint colors or is jealous you are in better shape than she ever was?? lol. Hope you find your movie, i hate when that happens too.