Thursday, February 2, 2012

it's not even raining, stupid G-Mail

G-mail 'improved' their options, which we all know means they've changed things and we're not going to like it, but tough noogies, g-mail users, because you're using it for free and aren't really in any position to complain. Because of these improvements, I had to change my ninja background because it made my screen all dark and yucky, which I guess would only help a real ninja be all stealthy, but I just want to check my e-mails, so yeah, it needed to get changed. So I changed it out to this little bus stop looking theme which has been working fine. The people at the bus stop change regularly so it gives me some random e-mailing excitement and stuff, except for when the giraffe is sitting on the bench and I start thinking, hey, why is there a giraffe waiting for the bus, shouldn't he be in a zoo or something? And would he even fit on the bus with that long neck and stuff? Also, it turns from day to night at the bus stop and sometimes it snows. But today, I click on it and it's all gloomy and rainy at the bus stop and even my control panel background is dark gray (which is why the Ninjas had to go). What the heck, g-mail? Rain? Yeah, we're having an unusually warm winter and all, but still, it's February and it doesn't rain in February unless you live in Seattle or something, which I most certainly don't. Besides, didn't the groundhog see his shadow this morning, which means that the sun was shining this morning (and still is here, actually), so, get your weather reports right, g-mail.

I also wish I could see myself like my husband sees me. He'll look at a Victoria's Secret catalog and say, hey, honey, you could model for this (and I almost think he believes it). The other day, he told me that with all the treadmilling I've been doing, I could probably enter a thong contest, and I'm all like, a thong contest? But I'm not a very good thinger. Maybe I could play the piano?

Talk about the treadmill. We've got a hole in the wall at floor level between the bathroom and the laundry room. Two weeks after we moved in here, the bathtub got all bunged up and we had to rip stuff out and we haven't fixed the hole yet. Don't judge us, people, it's an old house remodel job, it'll get fixed eventually. So anyway, the cats love to crawl through the hole from the laundry room while you're sitting on the toilet and totally freak you out. Today though, Muse, aka fat cat, couldn't fit his fatness through the hole and gave up. Hubs was laughing at how fat the cat was getting and it must have hurt the cat's feelings because next thing I know, Muse is sleeping on the treadmill. You've got to give the little fatty some credit, he's kind of trying.

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