Wednesday, February 8, 2012

rats, poltergeist or Adeline? You make the call

We don't actually have drywall on our kitchen ceiling yet, there are 2 sheets leaning against the wall, so they're practically there though, so don't judge us!! :p So, the kitchen ceiling is just bare studs and the underside of the upstairs wood floor of the kids bedrooms. It's been this way since we bought the house, so see? We didn't actually rip out the ceiling and neglect to put it back, someone else did the ripping, we're just doing the neglecting. It's no big deal, after awhile, you don't even notice it. But, the dining room does have a ceiling, so things are cool in there, but in the gap between the kitchen non-ceiling and the dining room ceiling, there a spot that's got some broken lathe and plaster chunks piled up. I don't know why it's just in that particular spot when the surrounding areas are cleaned up, it just is and I never did anything about it because to clean it out, I'd have to put my hand in a dark dirty hole and scoop out lathe, plaster and 160 of who knows what kind of icky stuff. Yeah, it ain't gonna happen. But apparently, someone doesn't like it because for the last week or so, chunks of plaster have been falling onto the floor from that spot. Not only falling, they're landing like 2 feet away from the wall, almost like somethings tossing them out. I'll be sitting there in the living room and hear some noise in the kitchen, look behind me and there'll be a bunch of plaster on the floor. I searched around the hole with a flashlight, but didn't see anything. Hubs saw me and decided I was crazy, even after I explained to him that a poltergeist was tossing plaster at my kitchen. That man never takes me seriously...until the day he was alone in the house and sure nuff, falling plaster. Now who's looking for his EMF detector, Mr. Skeptical? He thinks it's possibly Adeline, the old lady who used to live here, telling us in her ghostly old lady way that it was time to put the drywall up. I assumed that meant that he'd be putting the drywall up soon, but nope, it's still leaning against the wall and I cleaned up more plaster chunks this morning. I think he's purposely trying to tick Adeline off. He likes to live on the edge that way.

I got an e-mail from Angel #1 today requesting that in the next care package I send him I put a bath towel in it. He said he accidentally only packed one small towel when he went off to Afghanistan and needed something bigger. My question is: he's been in Afghanistan for 2 months now and he's only just discovering that he doesn't have a bath towel???? This reminds me of the old days when I practically had to hog tie the kid to get him into the bathtub.

The Snow Ball is Saturday night. The Snow Ball is the big, semi-formal high school dance. WE can't wait for it to be over. As a single guy who doesn't have a date for the dance, he's been getting schmoozed like crazy by the dateless girls who want an escort for the ball. He doesn't have anything against girls and had a great time with his date at the Homecoming dance this fall, but he'd rather just go with his friends. He says it's getting really annoying, so today, he decided to do something about it and got down on one knee and asked his best friend to go to the dance with him. He best friend is an 11th grade boy. He's thinking about putting a sign up on his locker saying that they're going to the dance together so the girls quit bugging him. I'm not sure if he's getting his buddy a corsage or not. :p

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