Tuesday, January 31, 2012

listening to one side of a conversation is funny

So, hubs is on the phone with a buddy of his from Hawaii. He hadn't talked to him in awhile, so they were playing catch-up. Funny thing is, Muutuu (the Hawaiian friend) kind of has his brain fried from drugs (that's not the funny part, the funny part is coming up) and he's telling Muutuu that he's back up in Wisconsin and said, "yeah, lots of cheese. What town are you living in now? Pepperjack?" And I'm like, Pepperjack? That's a weird name for a Hawaiian town, then I realized that Muutuu was still stuck on the whole cheese part of the conversation (also, he was probably high). Muutuu's whole life is kind of like that, sort of one step behind the rest of the world, but he's a sweet guy, just not real bright. He's also an awesome musician and just made some decent money playing a wedding. Funny thing, he speaks in really strong pidgeon and I can barely understand half of what he's saying, but when he sings, the accent is gone and his voice is super. He's a Hawaiian version of a redneck. Yep, you can find rednecks everywhere.

My friends and I have an awesome girls night out planned for this Saturday night. We're getting hotel rooms, going out to dinner and were planning on seeing One for the Money, which we've all been looking forward to seeing since we heard they were turning Janet Evanovich's book into a movie. I checked the movie showtimes for this weekend and can you believe it, One for the Money isn't playing here! :( :( :( I am SO bummed, I was wanting to see this with my friends so badly and getting the four of us together at the same time is such an event (Jamie lives 2 hours away from the rest of us) that the odds of us getting together to see it later on is almost nil. I suppose the other 3 of us could get together and see it, but it just wouldn't be right if Jamie wasn't with us. Now, we'll probably just skip the whole movie thing and sit around gabbing all night like we did on our last girls night out. That's fun too, but I had my heart set on seeing some Stephanie Plum (and I really wanted to see Grandma Mauser shoot a roast chicken). BTW, in case you were wondering, I'm totally Team Ranger

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