Wednesday, January 25, 2012

it's a record breaker

Last night, Angel #4 did what I think every kid in the country in the past 50 years has done, she went into Guinness World Records to see what record she could break. She finally decided on making the worlds longest staple chain (fyi, I went for the pogo stick record). She started before we sat down to supper, but while we were eating, I noticed the dog was playing with something. You guessed it, Diesel ate her potential record. She had to start over again and spent the evening stapling and connecting. I figure it's a relatively harmless record to try to break (at least she's not going for sword swallowing) but I can't help but think that some time in the very near future, I'm going to need to staple something and we're going to be all out of staples.

Hubs gets home from Hawaii tomorrow. It'll be nice to have him back, our family unit has shrunk considerably in the last year. It'll only get smaller as WE and #4 make their way out into the world, though we've got over 5 years to go before #4 graduates high school, so I've got a little while with some of my kids yet. I talked to a friend today that announced that she's expecting baby #4 come August and another friend just had #3 on Monday. It's nice to see that the future is still being born, I'm just glad I'm no longer being the one supplying all those babies. :P

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