Thursday, January 19, 2012

even the bank was frozen

Well, it finally feels like a Wisconsin winter outside. It was -5 outside when I got up this morning. I stopped by the drive thru bank this morning, there were two bank employees outside by the ATM unfreezing it when I drove up. Then when I tried to use the drive-thru, the little door on the canister kiosk was frozen shut so I just gave up and went inside instead.

We're going to have a little less cat around here after today. Both Fred and Pepper went in this morning to get fixed. I wanted it done before Angel #2 left since they're her cats and I didn't want to be responsible for it. We can pick them up this afternoon, a bit groggier and sore, but also unable to increase our cat population, which is a very good thing. Though, this summer, we're going to have to get a couple of barn cats to take care of the rodents out there. But barn cats are different, you don't have to clean their litter box and they don't sit on your head at 6am when you're trying to sleep (yeah, I'm talking to YOU, Fred).

Angel #2 is spending the day packing and cleaning, getting ready for the great exodus tomorrow. I'm going to miss her when she's gone, but it'll be nice to have her all safely on the plane and on her way down there so I don't have to worry about MY part in all this anymore, which is namely: getting her safely on the plane and one her way down there. I get worked up over stuff like than and have been having trouble sleeping the last couple weeks. I think once she's gone, I'll be able to relax a bit. Besides, she's been on a real country music kick lately and I'm getting those songs stuck in my head. Between "Red Solo Cup" and "I Wanna Check You for Ticks", I think I'm going to go crazy.

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Afton said...

Oh geez, I HATE "Check You For Ticks"!! GAH! *shudder* My clients laugh at me if I ever discover a tick on their dog because I always let out this involuntary little "yeep!". Fortunately it doesn't happen too often. I think ticks are utterly disgusting and Brad Paisley deserves to be smacked upside the head for thinking he can put ticks in a cutesy, romantic song. ( should I tell you how I REALLY feel, or keep holding back?) ;)