Friday, January 6, 2012

there, away and back again

I had one of those "running around all day" days. Some friends wanted Angel #2 to spend the weekend at their house. They live over an hour away, so we met in a town in the middle for lunch and switched her out. So, I started at noon by leaving home and driving 35 miles west for lunch. After a wonderful lunch, I boogied out at 1:30 and headed back to the high school in our town to pick WE up for a doctor's appointment. The appointment was in a town 25 miles east of our house, so off we went. After the appointment and a few errands, we went back home and arrived at 4:45. I needed to be home before 5 because I promised I'd take Angel #4 and 2 friends shopping in a town about 10 miles away and the friends were done with basketball practice at 5. (keeping up so far?) So, before I had the chance to head out again, hubs called and said he needed me to pick up a furnace part for him...guess where? The town 35 miles away I had lunch in. I picked up the girls from basketball and told them we were going shopping in the big city instead, so off we went. I picked up hubs stuff, the girls had a good time shopping and we headed back towards home. The 3 girls were spending the night at someone else's house, so I dropped them off there, got home around 9pm and now I'm in my jammies relaxing from my day as chauffeur to the teens.

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