Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ding Dong Ditch - kitty cat style

WE came downstairs last night telling us he made a discovery. For the last week or so, he's been hearing a scratching at his bedroom door and, thinking it was his dog, he got up and opened the door to see no one there. But, last night, he heard the scratching, but the dog was already in his room, so he knew something nefarious was afoot. He waited right by the door til he heard the noise, then quickly opened the door and caught Fred, the cat, trying to run for cover. Yep, the cat was purposely tricking him into getting up and opening his door then hiding around the corner so he didn't know who was doing it. Fred is kind of a stinkbutt.

For the last couple days, I've been trying to build a website for our heating company. It's been slow going, not only because my computer is getting really bad and freezing up every few minutes, but I also don't know the slightest thing about building a website. I was working on it yesterday and ran into a problem. I called GoDaddy tech support for help, told the guy my issue and he went into our account to see what was going on. Then he said the words that made my stomach plummet and my heart stop beating. "Oh, that's scary." Seriously? Is that really something you want to hear your tech support guy say? He's suppose to be SUPPORTive, that's part of his name, not terror inducing. After he talked to some other tech support guys that also couldn't fix the problem, he had me download a completely different program and bypass the one that was giving me the problem. Things are working a bit better now, which is good, I thought for sure I broke our website for good.

In some amazing news: it was 50 (FIFTY!!!) degrees out today. Remember, this is January 11 in Wisconsin - not a place or time when 50 degrees is even relatively normal. Everyone was out and about, walking the sidewalks, visiting outside, it was simply amazing. It's been gorgeous like that all week, but today it peaked. Tonight we're back to our regularly scheduled winter and have winter storm warnings with 5-8 inches of snow expected. Looks like we'll have to get our shovels out this winter after all.

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