Monday, January 9, 2012

how did THAT slip my mind?

The fact that I didn't mention something else that happened Friday night either shows that I was really tired when I last posted or that my life is so bizarre at times that the craziest things can slip my mind.

During Friday nights shopping trip, I decided to do a little bra shopping while #4 and her friends were at the store. So, I'm in the fitting room, half naked, when my cell phone rings. I see that it's a call from home, so rather than ignore it, I decided to answer it in case it was an emergency. This is what I heard when I answered WE said: "Hi mom, I've got an emergency! (see how accurate my mom instincts are?) Diesel (the dog, in case you've forgotten) walked in some blue paint when he was outside and I didn't notice until he'd walked all over the place. There are blue footprints all over the kitchen floor." I told him that since I was half-naked in a fitting room at Gordmans, there wasn't a whole lot I could do about it and that he'd better get down on his hands and knees and start scrubbing the floor. Well, he did what he could, but since our kitchen is still in the remodeling stages, that lighting in there is pretty bad, so neither of us saw the extent of the damage until we got up on Saturday morning. Here's what apparently happened: A few weeks ago, a bucket of (really really) blue paint got dumped on the ground by a back corner of our deck. Since it wasn't a place where people commonly walk, we let it there to dry up so it could be dealt with later. Since the weather got cold shortly after that, instead of drying up, it appeared that the paint froze instead. The weather was in the 40's on Friday, thawing out the paint. Diesel investigated, got it all over his feet, walked around the deck, up the steps to the door, through the unheated entryway, into the house, through the kitchen and dining room and into the bathroom. I felt like Steve on Blue's Clue and had the irresistible urge to sing "Someone's Got a Letter" and figure out a mystery. Instead, I got all the paint scrubbed off the vinyl floor in the kitchen/dining room but there's nothing I can do about the blue footprints on the wood deck or the wood floor of the entryway. The kids say it adds 'character' to the house, but I think the house had more than enough character before the blue prints showed up.

Sunday, I had another busy driving day on the road. Right away in the morning, I had to drive hubs into Green Bay so he could catch his 9:30 am flight to Hawaii. I got home and had about 45 minutes to get ready for church, 20 miles away. We all stayed after church and had a great lunch/gabfest together until I had to leave around 1 so I could drop the kids off at home and head out once again for the 35 mile drive in the opposite direction to get Angel #2 from her weekend away. My poor little mini-van really burned up the miles this weekend.

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