Monday, April 4, 2011

Mom clean

Friday night, WE and I went to the town's first responders benefit fishboil. I love me some fishboil! Hubs and angel #4 had left early Friday morning to help a friend who lives a few hours away move into a new house. They've got a baby, so #4 wanted to go along to brush up on her babysitting skills. Angel #2 had to work Friday night, which is why WE and I were the only two nomming on boiled fish.

Saturday, I spent more quality time with my boy when I decided it was time to sort through all the clothes in his room. There are two levels of bedroom cleaning in our house, kid clean and mom clean. Saturday was a mom clean day. He's grown a lot in the last year, well over half a foot, and a lot of his clothes were looking short, tight, or just downright ratty. By the time we were done gutting out his closet, we had 2 paper grocery bags filled with clothes to head to the thrift store and an entire 13 gallon garbage bag filled with stained, ripped, buttonless clothes and a pair of shoes whose soles you could almost see through. Once we found his floor, we gave it a thorough vacuuming and I washed a couple loads of random clothes that smelled horribly of boy funk. One nice thing now that I no longer have to deal with when mom cleaning a room is random toys. I used to have a pile of Legos, Barbie dolls, Beanie Babies and other debris piled outside the bedroom door waiting to be hauled down to the basement toy room. One of the benefits of getting rid of everything when you move is that once your kids outgrow toys, they get left behind during the move. Though Angel #4 did bring some Barbie dolls back up with her, the only time I've actually seen them out since we lived here was when my 4 year old niece came to visit. I've got to say, I sure don't miss toys laying around and am happy that doing the Steppin' On a Matchbox Car Dance is a thing in my distant past.

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