Wednesday, April 13, 2011

mean people suck

Poor Angel #1 discovered yesterday that someone cleaned out his checking account. The money he'd been saving up to buy a new motorcycle is gone. The money he worked his butt off for in basic training has disappeared. He's working with the bank today to get things straightened out, so hopefully he'll get the money back, but we haven't heard from him yet today to hear if he got any good news yet. The really sad part is that his 2 roommates accounts were also cleared out and one roommate had both his debit card and his ID stolen, so that means that someone who had been in their room is probably the thief. Someone who they'd considered a friend, someone they may have to depend on someday to watch their backs in a war. I hope they catch the guy real soon.

In good news, Angel #2 had her first ride along with the local vet yesterday afternoon and she absolutely loved it. To make things even better, what she was hoping would happen did, she's already gotten a job offer from one of the horse farms she'd visited yesterday. I don't know if she's going to pursue the offer or not yet, but it's nice to know that in this economy where people are fighting for work, she had a dream job fall right on her lap. She also got to give a horse a shot, do some testing and help with a castration, which she was morbidly excited about. The weirdest things make that kid happy.

Hubs and the kids got me an e-book reader for my birthday yesterday. Hubs also got me a yummy ice cream cake from DQ. I didn't know he was going to get me a cake, so I'd already made myself a birthday pie, we're not real big cake eaters in this family, pies go over much better - besides, cherry pie is my all time absolute favorite dessert. So now I've got all kinds of yummy stuff luring me into the kitchen.

Jeannie, we've got a big centralized DMV that is located about 40miles away from us. So everyone from the surrounding area goes to the same place, which is why it is so crowded. The only thing our local police department can do is register vehicles and renew vehicle registrations. That's why our DMV line is so painful. The friend we met up with there lives 40 miles in the opposite direction of the DMV from where we do, to give you an idea of the area they've got to cover. It ain't pretty. BUT, yesterday, I found out that there is a DMV office 25 miles away in the opposite direction that usually isn't so crowded, so next time we have some DMVing to do, we're going there.

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