Tuesday, April 26, 2011

is it spring yet?

Hubs and Angel #2 are both in Kona right now enjoying the Hawaiian heat and right about now, I'm ready to join them. I'm pretty much over this whole so-called spring. Poor WE was so excited for his track meet today, and, once again, it was cancelled. At least this time it was because of rain, last time it was because of a blizzard. That means that they've cancelled 3 out of his 5 meets, and the only reason they could have one of those is because it was a pre-conference meet in an indoor track. The other ones were called due to cold and rain and/or snow. He's got another meet scheduled for Thursday and according to the weather forecast, it's looking like it's going to be a repeat of today, keeping my fingers crossed that the weathermen are wrong. Those poor kids are working their tails off, it's only fair they can attend a couple meets so they can show their stuff.

Got the cool news that hubs big sister is going to be flying in from New York for Angel #2's high school graduation. There are going to be 3 high school graduates in hubs family this year and they're all graduating the same weekend (#2 is on Friday and the other two, who go to the same school, on Monday) so she'll be able to make them all, how convenient is that? Angel #1 is graduating from combat engineer school in the Marines sometime in the beginning of June as well. Looks like my kids are really growing up.

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JeanieC said...

Good for A1. I have a friend who was in the Army combat engineers and served in Vietnam. Tough guys.

I'm tired of the cold too. :-(