Friday, April 22, 2011

fun with Rent-a-Grandma

Rent-a-Grandma and her new daughter in law spent the night here last night. I hadn't met, Batty, the D-I-L yet, so it was nice to get to know her. We got about 8-10 inches of snow dumped on us Tues/Wed and no one was happy about it but Batty. Batty's from Thailand and hadn't had the dubious pleasure of snow before. Grandma said Batty had so much fun playing outside, and after a snowman making lesson, there were snowpeople all over her yard. Once Grandma and Batty got here, Batty and angel #4 had a lot of fun playing snow soccer, snow badminton and sledding. They both came in the house soaking wet. Angel #2 had a couple friends over as well and they made a snowman in the side yard. I think the kids played outside more yesterday than they did the whole winter put together.

This morning, I rode with grandma when she took Batty down to the airport. From here she's heading to Texas, which should be a whole lot warmer than it is here. After her time in Texas, she's back to Virginia. Though Batty's only been in the US since the end of February, she's sure done a lot of traveling. Slowly, she'll get used to our country and our little idiosyncrasies. We have a picture of the kids when they were little, all standing inside the rear tire of a Big Foot monster truck. Batty liked the picture, but wanted an explanation. How to you explain monster trucks to a person from a country like Thailand without sounding like Americans are utter whackjobs?

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