Saturday, April 30, 2011

I saw the sun yesterday

We had a brief flash of springlike weather yesterday. Temps in the 60, the sun was shining, I went for a walk and hung out my laundry. It's over now and we're back to grey and blustery. Argh! When will it stop???

Apparently, most of the country was obsessing over the royal wedding yesterday. I don't get it, we fought that war over 200 years ago, but, whatever. I will say that I got sucked into it just a bit, but it was the hats. I don't get into clothes, hair, shoes, etc, but I am a sucker for a gorgeous hat and where's a better place to go hat obsessing than a royal wedding? So, I don't know what Kate's weddng dress looks like, but I DO know that Lady Frederick Windsor has about the most awesome hat in the universe, followed closely by the princess from Spain (I don't know who those people actually are, but they've got great taste in hats).

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