Tuesday, April 19, 2011

we'll be brown bagging it forever

Sunday, we had an all day service for our church. People come from miles around and have a wonderful day together. One of our kids friends was there and she had a surprise for WE. As one of their jokes, WE frequently tells her to 'get in the kitchen and make me a sandwich, woman!" Well, she made him a sandwich for his lunch on Sunday. It was a big sandwich. It was a HUGE sandwich. She started with a big, one pound loaf of Italian bread and loaded it up with meat and cheese. It weighed in at over 4 pounds by the time she was done with it. WE did what he could to eat it on Sunday, but barely put a dent in it. It's sitting in our fridge right now, whenever someone gets hungry, they lop a piece off, but it's going to be awhile before that baby gets gone.

WE is supposed to have a track meet tonight, but it'll probably be cancelled. We've got a winter storm warning in effect and estimates of up to a foot of snow in our very near future. **checking calendar - yup, it IS April. sigh There was a big invitational scheduled at the school for last Saturday, but that was cancelled due to weather as well. Which was just as well, since I really didn't want to sit outside on metal bleachers in 30 degree weather watching a bunch of boys run around in circles. They've only had 2 meets so far this year, one was a non-conference one early in the season held in an indoor gym at a nearby university, the other went on as scheduled though there were fears that it was going to have to be postponed due to snow on the track. I just LOVE spring in Wisconsin.

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