Monday, April 11, 2011

blowed right by

Wow Jeannie, only 5 minutes at the DMV? Must be nice to live on your planet! It took me longer than that just just get through the line to get to the guy who told me what line to stand in.

We had a great day yesterday. We had an all day church event and got home around 4pm. All the way home, we were seeing lightning and hearing thunder all around us, be we didn't get much rain. Tough it was nice and sunny during the day, the temps were gorgeous, upper 70's baby!! Things were clear at our house when we got home, so Hubs, Angel #4 and I went on a long walk. There's an abandoned log cabin about 1 1/2-2 miles from our house, so we walked over there to nose around. On the way there hubs and #4 had a race along the top of about 15 big round hay bales that were lined up along a field, we inspected a flooded out culvert and honked at a bunch of Canadian geese who were resting in a field. There was a pussy willow tree (bush?) near the cabin. I haven't seen one of those in years. We broke off a couple of branches and now they're sitting in a jar on the kitchen counter getting all puffy and fuzzy.

After eating supper, things started getting dark and the lightning came back with a vengeance. Since there was no rain yet, the whole family went out on the deck with blankets and pillows and watched the lightning show for about a half hour, til the rain sent us back inside. We had a little wind and rain, but nothing major. The area around us wasn't so fortunate. There were tornado touchdowns in quite a few places. One cousin has to replace his roof and fix an 8 in hole in his bedroom wall from where a chunk of something literally blew right through the wall. Another cousin reported that though her place had minor damage, their neighbors gazebo had disappeared. There was some bad weather out there yesterday. I'm glad it decided to bypass us.

And in some happy news. Hubs and I went for a walk this morning and saw flowers blooming in the corner of our yard. FLOWERS!!! Yay! Spring's (hopefully) here!!!

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JeanieC said...

Technically, it isn't even a DMV here. Vehicle and driver licensing is done through the sheriff's department. So a deputy renewed my license. :-)

I'm surprised you are in such a small town but have such a huge, busy DMV. Where I grew up in the big city, it was just like that, and I was glad I only had to go there a few times before moving away.