Thursday, April 7, 2011


My birthday is coming up, this year, that means I have to get my drivers license renewed. Turns out, that even though I relinquished my Wisconsin drivers license when I got my Hawaiian one, that WI keeps your license active until it expires. So, instead of having to go through the whole rigamorole of changing residencies and stuff, I just had to renew my license before it expires, which will be on Tuesday. I've known about this for awhile, but have avoided doing anything about it because, no one wants to go to the DMV. It's not a happy place. One thing that the Hawaii DMV has over the WI one is that at our local HI office, they let you look at your picture and if you don't like it, they'll let you get a retake before committing it to laminate. Since Wisconsin doesn't really care that you look like you just swallowed a frog on your drivers license picture, I think I'll be missing my HI license when I have to pull out my license to identify myself.

Once nice thing about going to the DMV was that we just happened to see our friend Loopy, who was getting his truck registration renewed. So we got to sit and play catch-up with him, which made the eternity we sat waiting for our numbers to be called seem just a little more pleasant.

Afterwards, we went shopping for barn boots for Angel #2. She's doing work study for school for the last quarter. For some reason, she thinks it's more enjoyable to shovel horse poop than take a college lit class. I would have opted for the lit myself, but to each their own. On Tuesdays, she's also doing a ride along with a local vet when he does his horse rounds. She's pretty excited about that as well. I still think I would have opted for doing an in depth study of The Great Gatsby, but if she wants to look at horses private parts and get pooped on, more power to her. Someone's got to do it I guess.

The weather's been really getting nice lately. Angel #4 is thrilled to be able to get outside and do something. The problem is, we really didn't have anything to do outside. So, when we got #2's barn boots, we also picked up a couple tennis rackets, a soccer ball and a baseball glove, among other things (it was the thrift store, so we still got out for about $20). She and hubs spent the rest of the day after she got home from school out in the road playing badminton. It's nice to at least see the hope of summer coming up. Before you know it, the temps will be in the 50's and everyone will be running around in shorts. I love spring in Wisconsin

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JeanieC said...

I had to renew mine before my birthday a few weeks ago as well. They let us look at our photo, but since I don't really care what I look like, I didn't care about looking. And we don't have a DMV, but the office was empty when I got there, so I was in and out in about five minutes. :-)