Monday, May 2, 2011

Happy Birthday to WE

Yep, it's my little boy's (well, not so little anymore) birthday today. It seems like yesterday he was earning his blogging nickname and he was eating worms for fun and profit, and now he's a 15 year old high school freshman with girl problems and anticipating getting his drivers license. He had a great day today, it was the freshman/sophomore invitational track meet and he got 2 ribbons and got a 3rd place medal, he also got his personal all time bests in all the events he participated in. He was positively glowing when I picked him up at the school once the bus got him back to town. I'm so happy that he enjoys track so much and that he's doing so well in it. He said that even though his whole team did great, that their final team standing was still 6th place out of six teams, but he said that some teams had as many as 25 kids on their team and his little school had only 7 freshmen and sophomores competing, it wasn't that bad.

When he got home, he had a big celebratory piece of birthday pie. I made him a pie for his birthday and we did all the singing and stuff for him yesterday since we knew he was going to be at his meet today and we wouldn't see much of him. He's got another meet tomorrow and a 3rd one on Thursday, so he's going to be a busy boy this week. But, it's Wisconsin, you've got to run laps while the sun shines and the snow's not falling.

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