Friday, May 6, 2011

Ah spring, when thoughts turn to winter coats

I froze my patootie off last night at WE's track meet. It's his only home meet of the year and I didn't want to miss it. In the truck on the way to the meet, it started raining and continued almost steadily until the meet was almost over. Cold and wet is not the way I like spending my evening. What really stunk was that WE wasn't in his best form (he wasn't feeling good) and didn't do well anyway. He's got a couple of meets left, if we've got some good weather on a day when there's one nearby, I'm sure we'll go, just so we can enjoy watching him instead of spending all the time shivering. A lot of the talk at the meet was about a boy who died on Wednesday afternoon. He was a freshman who went to school at the town 5 miles away from ours, our school competes against them in sports. This boy was in track practice and basically dropped dead during the warm up. They suspect an undetected heart problem. It's just so spooky having your perfectly healthy kid suddenly die like that, I gave WE a few extra hugs after that one, it hit too close to home. It had to be extra traumatic for the boys friends on the track team who saw him die right in front of them. A coach and a teammate did CPR, but it wasn't enough. So sad - I keep tearing up thinking about it. Between that and the death this week of a local boy fighting in Afghanistan, I've really been appreciating both my boys a lot lately.

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