Tuesday, May 24, 2011

yay for gardening

The girls and I pretty much finished planting the garden on Saturday. We got the last of the potatoes planted as the rain drops started to fall. It rained the rest of the afternoon, giving the seeds a happy start in life. We still have about 3 or 4 empty rows to plant. We had one big packet of seed corn and 4 or 5 little ones and I thought that would be more than enough, but when we opened the little seed packets, there were only about 15 seeds per envelope. What a rip-off. So we planted what we had and will wait a couple weeks and plant the remaining rows, that way we'll have corn for a longer stretch, though I've got the feeling that by the middle of August, we're going to be sick to death of corn on the cob.

Last night was the regional track meet. I thought after that we'd be done with track, but now WE thinks that his relay team did good enough to go on to the sectional meet. Sectionals are held in a town about 3 hours drive from here, I don't think I'm a good enough track mom to go that far to see my kid run for a total of about 45 seconds. I'm just happy he's enjoying himself so much. I talked to his coach last night and he was telling me what a great kid WE is and what a great job we did raising him. As much as I'd like to take all the credit, I know WE's a great kid just because he's a great kid. I'm so glad other people see that in him as well. He was such a little stinker when he was little, I have to admit, I was a little concerned about what kind of teenager he'd be. He hasn't given us a sleepless moment yet. We've been blessed with all 4 of our kids.

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