Wednesday, May 11, 2011

When will it stop??

Froze our butts off yet again last night at WE's track meet. It was a gorgeous day, warm and sunny, until about an hour before the meet when it got cloudy and the wind picked up. I'm so sick of freezing my hiney off and I can't wait for summer to finally get here. On the bright side, the woods surrounding our house is full of spring flowers. That's the neat thing about moving to a new house. Since we've never been in this house in the spring, we keep getting surprised by unexpected flowers popping up all over the place. I think there's about 5 or 6 different kinds of flowers sprinkled around the yard right now. So pretty after brown grass and snow for so long.

WE did great at the meet last night and surpassed his own personal best in all four of the events he competed in. The coach has given him extra team responsibilities and has mentioned that he may have him competing at varsity level by the end of the year. Pretty good for a lowly Freshman. Since yesterday was an all Conference meet for freshman and sophomores only, I got to see that the competition looked like. As I've mentioned before, our kids go to one of the smallest high schools in the conference, there's only one that's smaller. All the other schools outnumber ours by at least 150 kids...and when you're schools entire population is 260, 150 kids is a LOT. In so many events, we had one kid competing when other schools had 4 or 5, and our one kid had competed in 3 or 4 different events when the others were only in 2 or 3. That makes it pretty hard for them to get a decent amount of team points. Fortunately, the coach is a great guy who helps keep things in perspective for the kids. Despite a last place for the meet, WE came home bubbling with excitement over how well everyone did. The coach does a great job building the team and the kids up. I'm not a big fan of sports in general, but when your main competition is yourself, you can come out of it a better person - IF you've got the right attitude. I'm so glad WE's enjoying himself and doing well.

The middle school had an informal track meet for the 5 & 6 grade yesterday as well. Angel #4 had a lot of fun and is discovering that she enjoys track events. She beat the entire 5 & 6 grade, boys and girls, in the long jump, which thrilled her to no end. My kids definitely get their athleticism from their father.

During her ride along with the vet yesterday, Angel #2 ended up on an emergency call for cows. She goes along on Tuesdays because that's horse day for the vet, but a cow emergency is a cow emergency and can't be ignored, especially here in dairy country. She decided that she definitely prefers horses to cows, but was disappointed that she's going to miss the cow surgery the vet scheduled for Wed morning. I don't thing an intestinal obstruction sounded all that enticing, but to her, it's fascinating. To each their own.

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Afton said...

Congrats to WE! But now I'm really curious what the cow ate that's causing an intestinal obstruction...