Monday, March 7, 2011

You'll be thrilled to know I'm still alive

On Saturday, I finally felt human. It was a nice feeling. I even made a batch of white chocolate macadamia nut cookies with the mac nuts hubs brought home from Hawaii. Sunday, I even went a step further and made a big turkey/mash potato/stuffing dinner. Between that and the big pot of veggie soup I made on Saturday, we'll be swimming in leftovers for quite awhile. I love leftovers (most of the time).

Saturday, Hubs brought WE in to the doctor to get his sports physical for school. Tonight after school was WE's first track practice. He's a bit sore, but it sounds like he liked it. He's not sure what events he's going to do, he's never done any kind of track stuff before, but he knows he's not doing long distance running, one glimpse at their practice regime helped him make that decision.

Sunday, hubs and I had a romantic shopping trip to get a water softener. The one in our house hasn't been working since we moved in and finally our landlord said to just pick one up. Hubs knows how to install them, so we're no longer showering in lime water and eating off gritty dishes. I think I'm going to have to soak our glasses in vinegar though, the lime made them absolutely disgusting looking and it was embarrassing to give someone a drink of water out of the nasty looking things. I guess when you've been married 20 years, it's just as exciting to get a new water softener than it is to get a new diamond ring...sparkly glasses are better than sparkly bling anyway.

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