Sunday, March 20, 2011

Snow? Seriously?

I had a wonderful time slogging through sloppy sleet and snow on the way home from church this morning. As much as my brain is telling me to not even get my hopes up for spring before the beginning of May, the beautiful weather we've been having lulled me into a false sense of security. At least the garbage we got today didn't stick to the ground.

I had a great time this weekend with my friends. We spent Friday night at the Ramada and we up gabbing until 1am, waaay past all our bedtimes. I got home Saturday afternoon and when the kids asked what we did, I realized all we did was eat and talk when we were together. None of us drink or get too wild, so yeah, closing down Barnes and Nobles at 10pm was as crazy as we got. But we had SO much fun and laughed so much. I wish it was easier for us to get together more often. Three of us live fairly close together, but friend #4 has a 2 hour drive to meet up with the rest of us, so it makes planning things a bit more complicated.

When I got home, I found Angel #2 lying on the bathroom floor suffering from a stomach virus. She was still barfing away at 10:30 last night and has spent the day lying on the sofa. I hope she doesn't spread it to the rest of us, because she doesn't look like she's having a nice time.

Hubs had fun at the wedding he went to out east. As an added benefit, Angel #1 is stationed not too far from where hubs is at, so #1 found a ride over with one of the wedding guests and my two boys got to spend part of the weekend together. #1 was all gussied up in his dress blues as he escorted Rent a Grandma down the aisle. It was Rent a Grandma's son who was married this weekend. Hubs has already sent me some pics and I'm sure he's got plenty more to show me when he gets home tonight.

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