Sunday, March 13, 2011


When the kids were little, they fought like cats and dogs...they still do, actually. But back about 10 years ago, I was afraid they'd kill each other before they managed to reach adulthood. So, imagine my delight this afternoon when my boys were chatting online with each other. I truly think my boys are best friends with each other, which is so cool. Angel #1 is now in North Carolina and he bought a laptop, so today he and WE were skyping each other and it's so nice listening to them just talking to each other. It sounds like #1 is going to have some time on his hands for the next two months. After he arrived in NC, he found out that the school he is supposed to be going to is 6-8 weeks behind schedule, so he's stuck there doing busy work until he can actually start taking classes. I have no problem with this, since the way I see it, the longer it takes for him to get whatever education he needs, the longer it will be before he gets deployed someplace scary. When I explained my reasoning to #1 though, and said that not going to Libya or Afghanistan right now is a good thing, he simply said, but Mom, it's what we do. WAAAAHHHH! I guess 18 year boys/Marines look at things differently than their mothers do.

I was glad to hear reports from many of my friends in Hawaii hearing that they and their houses are all still intact. Kailuatown is a bit messed up, but nothing that can't be easily remedied. There were 6 houses that were destroyed and one got sucked right out into Kealakakua Bay, the picture in the paper showed just the roof of the house out floating in the ocean. But no one was hurt, so it's all good. After church this morning, we all got to talking about the tragedies over the weekend. One of the men there works at the nuclear power plant in town and was explaining to us a little of what was going on in Japan. He said that when they try cooling things with seawater, it's a last ditch act of desperation, so that's not too promising for the Japanese. Then we got to discussing if something like that could happen to our nuke plant. He said the reactors are capable of withstanding a direct hit from a crashing airliner. They've also got it set up to suck in water from Lake Michigan if necessary, but once again, if they've gotten to that point, we're in deep doo-doo. I guess I'll keep some iodine pills around, just in case.

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